9 Fall Favourites for You & Your Pet

Dog in a Shedrow raincoat

Fall is officially here, and while some of us might be upset about having to say goodbye to warm weather, there are still plenty of things to look forward to this season! From stylish and cozy apparel to tasty treats and safety gear, there are a wide range of products available to help you and your four-legged family member enjoy the fall season together.

       1. Shedrow Raincoats

Keep your pet protected from wet weather this fall with the Shedrow K9 Harbour Raincoat! Stylish and waterproof, this durable raincoat is designed to stand up to the elements and features adjustable closures to fit your pet.  

2. Cozy Beds

When it’s chilly outside, many of us like to cuddle up and get cozy indoors. As comfortable as they are adorable, the Wool Pet Caves from Dharma Dog Karma Cat let your fur baby relax in style. Available in cute designs such as an Owl and Mouse, these beds are made with wool that contains lanolin to naturally attract your cat.

Featuring 100% memory foam filling, the Bohemian Cloud Pillow from BeOneBreed can help reduce pressure on your pet’s hips and joints while they catch some z’s. It also has an ultra-soft removable cover making it easy to clean and maintain.

3. Tasty Treats

While your pet may not be able to enjoy a turkey with all the fixings and pumpkin pie with you, they can still enjoy a healthy and festive treat! Crisp and crunchy, Charlee Bear Pumpkin Spice Bearnola Bites are crafted with real oats, honey, pumpkin and cinnamon and are perfectly sized for training. Made with tantalizing turkey, delectable coconut flour, fruits and veggies, new Boo Boo Best dehydrated turkey cat treats are the perfect way to shower your cat with some love this fall!    

4. RC Pets Apparel

From cozy sweaters to coats and socks, RC Pets offers a wide selection of pet clothing and accessories in a variety of adorable, colourful designs! With many sizes available to fit most pets, these products can help keep four-legged family members warm and stylish this fall season.

5. Safety Gear 

As the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier outside, it's important that you’re prepared to keep your furry friend as safe as possible this fall. Featuring reflective material visible up to 600 ft away, Coastal’s Lazer Brite accessories can help keep your cat or dog protected when outside in the dark. 

6. Engaging Toys 

If you and your furry friend will be spending a bit more time indoors as the weather gets cooler, toys can help prevent boredom and destructive behaviour. A soft puzzle toy intended to keep dogs occupied, the Outward Hound Hide A Hedgie can challenge your dog and keep them mentally stimulated. A great way for your feline friend to get exercise, SPOT’s LED Motion Activated Cat Ball illuminates when swatted and rolled to keep your cat engaged! 

7. Flea & Tick Protection 

Although the weather is getting cooler, it’s still important to keep your pet protected against fleas and ticks in the fall. When you return from a walk or your pet comes in from the yard, be sure to inspect them and check for any pests. Luckily, there are many products specially designed for cats and dogs to help protect against fleas and ticks and keep your pet happy and healthy.

8. Pudus Socks

While spoiling your furry friend can be fun, it’s important to treat yourself too! Pudus offers an assortment of cozy slipper socks to keep your feet warm and stylish as the temperature drops outside. Made from acrylic and polyester, Pudus socks feature extra-fluffy Sherpa lining and non-slip grippers to elevate your comfort level whether you’re hanging out at home or enjoying the brisk fall weather with your four-legged family member! If you want to get an early start on your holiday shopping, these socks are one size fits most and make a great gift or stocking stuffer.

9. Pet Posse Costumes

Celebrating Halloween can be a highlight of the fall season for many! If you’re planning on dressing up for Halloween this year and your pet is comfortable being dressed up, consider letting them join in on the fun with a costume from Pet Posse!

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