Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet 

If you own a dog chances are at some point you have heard about raw food diets and its benefits for your dog. But what exactly is a raw food diet? How did it start? And is it just a popular fad or are there real long lasting benefits for your dog? The Raw food diet started in 1993 when Australian Veterinarian Ian Billinghurst published a book called “Give a Dog a Bone”. In this book Dr. Billinghurst stated that working dogs are not the only ones that could benefit from a raw diet, and that domesticated dogs would actually thrive from the extra benefits. Below are some of the great benefits of switching your dog to a raw food diet.

Improved Digestion & Firm Stools

Some dogs have trouble digesting dry food products which can lead to upset stomachs and liquid poops. Certain raw food products are rich in probiotics which help with digestion that results in firmer stools and easier clean up for you!

Healthier Coat

If you have ever seen a picture of a wild dog, such as a wolf, you may have noticed that they have thick, healthy looking fur. That is because their diet does not contain any filler so their body can absorb more vitamins and nutrients, which results in a healthy coat. If you choose to switch your dog to a raw diet, you will notice a difference in their skin and coat and bonus they will shed less!

Nicer Smelling Dog

We are all aware of how bad a dog can smell, especially when they get wet, but did you know diet largely affects your dog's odour? When dogs consume food that has large amounts of filler, this can lead to an increase in the skin’s oils. Raw diets are high in protein and other nutrients, which means no filler, and leads to a nicer smelling dog.

Reduced Allergies

Did you know that dogs can have allergies to food and environmental sources just like humans? Oftentimes with food allergies it can be hard to pinpoint the irritant due to the fact that dry dog food contains so many ingredients. Because raw food contains limited ingredients any allergies are easier to pinpoint.

Increased Energy

Raw food is high in protein, so it does not require any added fillers in order to make a dog feel full. Like humans, if dogs have too much of this filler it can make them feel lethargic and tired. If you choose to switch your dog to a raw diet you may see an increase in energy.

Increased Hydration

Raw food is high in moisture meaning an increase in hydration for your dog. This means they will need to drink less water throughout the day.

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