Benefits of Wet Food for Your Cat

Cats have a reputation of being low maintenance pets, and as a result many cat owners default to only feeding their cat or kitten dry food, and see wet food as a once and a while treat. However, wet food actually has a place in your cat/kitten’s regular diet and when used in combination with dry food will aid in your pets best life!

Better Hydration

You may have heard that many cats do not like to drink water. It is true, and there is an evolutionary reason as to why. In the wild, cats have learned to avoid drinking still water because it’s often a breeding ground for bacteria. So they look for water from a stream or lake. Even though your cat is domesticated they still have this evolutionary trait and as a result may not be fully hydrated. This is especially troublesome for male cats/kittens as they are prone to developing urinary obstructions. Wet food is naturally high in moisture, therefore a daily/weekly intake of wet food will ensure your cat/kitten stays hydrated.

High in Protein

Protein is an important element to not just your diet but to your cat/kittens diet as well. Protein helps support strong muscles and helps maintain muscle mass throughout a cat's life. Wet food is naturally high in protein, and incorporating it into your cat/kitten’s diet will help maintain their muscles well into their senior years.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Many people say they could eat their favourite meal everyday and never get sick of the taste. We know, however, that eating the same thing too frequently is the best way to ruin a dish. The same thing can be said for your cat/kitten’s food. Wet food is not only high in moisture and protein, it is also high in flavour. And the best part is wet food comes in a variety of flavours and textures from creamy sauce to a more traditional pate.

Wet food has a reputation of being a once in a while treat, however, that could not be further from the truth. Wet food not only has many great benefits but also contributes to your pet’s best life.

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