Earth Day DIY Crafts for Pets

With Ontario’s lockdown being extended and many of us having to spend more time indoors, we know it can start to get a little boring. That is why Ren’s has some fun DIY projects for you and your pet! The best part is that these crafts are using items you already have around the house or include upcycling items before they go out in your recycling bin.

DIY Snuffle Box

A snuffle box is a fun DIY puzzle toy you can make for your dog that allows them to access their foraging instincts by sniffing and searching for treats. Interactive toys are great for mental stimulation and allow you to bond with your dog.

What You Will Need

1 Small box

2-4 Toilet roll tubes

2-4 Tea towels

Your dogs favourite treats

How to get started

Cut out one of the longest walls of the box so your dog and sniff around easily. Next wrap up some of your dog's treats in a towel, either buy twisting the towel or folding. Then place the towels in the box along with toilet roll tubes in between to hide a few treats in the tubes.. Your final product will look something like this,

How to Play

Once you have your snuffle box setup it's time to play! Allow your dog to sniff around the box and retrieve the treats! Be sure to tag us with your own snuffle box creations!

DIY Cat Box House

It’s common knowledge that cats love boxes, so creating a DIY box house for your cat is something they’ll definitely love! This craft is also a great way to upcycle boxes you have from online orders, moving, appliances, etc. Having an assortment of sizes and shapes can help include different elements of fun for your feline as well.

What You Will Need

At least 1 large box your cat can comfortably fit in

Packing tape

Scissors or box cutters

Your cat’s favourite treats and small toys

Optional: catnip!

How to Get Started

Gather the boxes you can use to create your cat’s new box house together.

Arrange them in a way that creates a system for them to explore. Consider how each box will connect to another. Add different levels. If you have a long box, this might make a great tunnel. Box lids can connect to make a roof. There’s so many possibilities!

Once you have decided how the boxes will be set-up, start connecting them! Cut holes into the sides, tops or bottoms of boxes so that your cat can peek out, climb up or down through stacks of boxes, or enter them. You can add fun elements like a drawbridge or other flaps in the cardboard too!

When you’ve finished cutting holes in the boxes, assemble them together into the cat box house design you picked. Make sure to tape the boxes together so that they don’t move/fall apart as your cat climbs through.

Once you’ve finished your cat box house, all that’s left is filling it with your cat’s favourite treats and toys to entice them inside to play. You can also sprinkle some catnip throughout the boxes for some added fun. If you have kids, bring out some colouring supplies so they can decorate the box house!

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