Ferrets are curious creatures (in both senses of the word). While many of their attributes are like any other small animal, they also have some cat-like tendencies as well. What do I mean by this? Well, for starters ferrets are obligate carnivores, much like cats. What this means is they get everything they need from eating meat. So how do you go about feeding an “all-meat” diet to a critter known to hide his food in the couch, and under the fridge, and in the toilet paper roll while it’s still hanging on the holder? There was more than one occasion where I found my ferret Toby’s food in places I didn’t even know he could reach! So, meat is out. Too much risk with hidden, spoiling meat. So how do I go about feeding my ferret a premium, protein dense food that even if he hides a bit, it’s not the worst thing in the world?

Enter Go! Freshwater Trout + Salmon Recipe for cats. Yes, once again the mighty ferret’s similarities to his feline friends persist. So, why is a cat food the premier choice for your fine ferret? Protein. This particular bag of Go! Has the highest protein available of any kibble in all of Ren’s (45%), it’s grain-free and is limited in its carbohydrate inclusions. This makes it highly digestible with nothing extra your ferret doesn’t need. As well, fish as the primary meat source really helps with coat and skin health as well, so that’s a bonus.

Next time you’re shopping for ferret food, take a stroll down the cat food aisle and check out the awesome ALL CANADIAN products from Now and Go! at your nearest Ren’s Pet Depot!

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