Are You Ready for Flea & Tick Season?

An orange cat scratching its neck

While the spring and summer seasons allow us to spend more time outdoors and bond with our four-legged family members, they also bring a higher risk of fleas and ticks. As pet parents, we never want our fur babies to be in any pain or discomfort, so it’s important to be prepared when it comes to protection against these pests.

Being proactive in preventing fleas and ticks will not only save you time and energy but will also ensure your furry companion remains comfortable! As fleas and ticks like having a place to hide, keeping your lawn mowed, pruning shrubs and trees and avoiding tall grass can help limit the amount of contact your pet has with these pests. It’s also a good idea to make your yard as unappealing as possible to raccoons and other wildlife, as these animals could drop pests such as fleas and ticks in your yard as they visit.

When you return from a walk or your pet comes in from the yard, take the time to inspect them and check for any fleas or ticks. By doing this each time you come back into the house, you’ll know whether there is an infested area along your walking route or in your yard. Vacuuming and cleaning your house regularly, especially low traffic areas where these pests may like to hide, can also help keep your pet protected.

There are many topical treatments specially formulated for cats and dogs that can help prevent and kill fleas and ticks on your pet and keep them happy and healthy. If your furry friend does attract fleas or a tick, don’t fret! There are great tools designed to help manage the situation, such as shampoos, specialized combs and tick twisters.

Flea and tick shampoos can help stop the spread and provide your beloved companion with some relief. Many of these shampoos are powerful enough to kill adult fleas and ticks and eliminate flea eggs but are still gentle enough for sensitive skin.

When it comes time to remove the fleas from your pet’s fur, flea combs are extremely helpful! With tightly-fit teeth, these combs allow you to easily find and remove fleas. Be sure to focus on your pet’s face, neck, and base of the tail. Examine the comb periodically to see if any fleas have been caught and if so, dip the comb into a cup of water with mild detergent.

If improperly removed, a tick can leave body parts in your pet’s skin and cause inflammation or infection. By twisting with the O’Tom Tick Twister, the tick’s spikes bend into the axis of rotation and the tick is easily removed without traction, decreasing the risk of breaking inside the skin. While the O’Tom Tick Twister offers an at-home solution, if you feel uncomfortable removing the tick by yourself be sure to bring your pet to the veterinarian where it can be removed professionally.

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