Get Ready for Halloween with Your Pet

Kitten playing with a pumpkin.

While Halloween may look a bit different this year depending on how things progress, that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate at home with your furry friend! Whether you’re planning to dress up, watch scary movies, carve a pumpkin or just sit on the couch and eat candy, make sure you’re prepared to keep your pet safe and happy this Halloween! 

Keep the Candy Away 

Candy and chocolate are the best part about Halloween for many kids (and parents!), but they can be a danger to our furry children. The ingredients found in candy, especially chocolate, can be harmful to your pet if ingested. On top of that, many of our pets will likely attempt to eat the candy wrappers as well which can cause a great deal of digestive distress for them. If your pet does end up getting into the candy this Halloween despite your best efforts, make sure to consult with your veterinarian immediately to ensure they get the proper medical attention they need. 

Luckily, Ren’s offers drool-worthy treats and food to keep your furry friend’s tail wagging this Halloween! 

  • Bosco & Roxy’s Cookies: While your canine companion may not be able to enjoy Halloween candy, you can treat them with a spooktastic Halloween cookie from Bosco & Roxy’s. These hand decorated cookies are made with wholesome ingredients and are sure to get your pup doing tricks for more! 
  • Weruva Cat Wet Food: Although your cat won’t be able to help you carve a Jack-o’-lantern, they can enjoy a delicious meal made with pumpkin this Halloween! With fun recipes featuring pumpkin such as Pumpkin Jack Splash and the Breakfast Cat, Weruva can provide your feline friend with a festive meal. 
  • BLUE Boo Bars: Made from a howling good recipe, BLUE Boo Bars are made with delicious and nutritious ingredients such as pumpkin, cinnamon and wholesome whole grains. These crunchy biscuits allow your pup to enjoy a healthy Halloween treat while the kids eat candy! 

Distract Them 

Trick or Treating this year may not be what we’re typically used to, but it may still be a good idea to create a safe space for your furry friend away from the action. Keeping them in another room or in a gated off area with toys will hopefully help keep them distracted and calm. As not all toys are suitable for unsupervised use, be sure to read and follow all packaging directions.   

  • Dharma Dog Karma Cat Toys: The perfect size for cats, Dharma Dog Karma Cat offers a variety of adorable and spooky toys to keep your feline friend happy this Halloween. These toys are made of a blend of all-natural Himalayan and New Zealand wools and contain lanolin, the natural oil unique to sheep’s wool, which naturally attracts your cat!
  • Outward Hound Dog Toys: Offering a wide range of premium dog toys, Outward Hound can help keep your dog happy and stimulated. A great way to exercise your dog’s mind, the Challenge Slider can keep them busy as they seek out their tasty treats. Simply fill as many compartments as you’d like with your dog’s favourite treats or kibble and let the games begin!

Costumes and Apparel 

Dressing your pet up in Halloween apparel or a costume can be fun, but their comfort is the most important thing. Even if your pet has worn a costume in the past or wears a coat when it’s chilly out, they may not enjoy the specific costume or piece of apparel that you’ve selected this year. When choosing a costume or apparel, make sure that it is the right fit for your pet and that there is an easy way for them to get out of it if they ever get stuck. When putting it on your pet for the first time, give them plenty of time to get used to it and if they show any signs of discomfort or stress, take it off right away. 

If your pet doesn’t mind wearing costumes or apparel, there are a number of adorable options available to make Halloween even more fun. 

  • Pet Posse Costumes: Whether you’re looking for something a little tough like this Shark Costume or something cute and cozy like this Rabbit CostumePet Posse can help your four-legged family member celebrate in style this Halloween! 
  • Hotel Doggy Apparel: If you’re looking for something a bit more laid back but still want to get into the Halloween spirit, Hotel Doggy has got you covered. A simple, modern and sophisticated fashion brand for dogs, Hotel Doggy has a range of cute yet spooky pajamas, onesies and dresses for your fur baby – perfect for hanging out and watching scary movies together!

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