Derived from the Latin term ‘origin’, award-winning ORIJEN is inspired by a natural diet of whole prey animals. Aimed at mirroring the diet that dogs and cats have evolved to eat, ORIJEN is dedicated to creating food that is Biologically Appropriate and fulfills the evolutionary needs of our furry friends. 

Created in their award-winning kitchens, ORIJEN recipes are made with unmatched inclusions of meat, including free-run poultry, ranch-raised meat and wild-caught fish, to provide your fur baby with the natural nourishment that they need to thrive! Through their use of high-quality ingredients that are responsibly farmed, ranched, and fished by trusted local partners, ORIJEN has built a reputation of trust among pet parents for more than a decade. 

From nutritious dry and freeze-dried food to drool-worthy treats, ORIJEN has plenty of options available to keep your four-legged family member happy and healthy!  

Dry Foods: With a wide range of recipes available for cats and dogs, ORIJEN dry pet food is made with fresh meat inclusions and without vegetable proteins. From recipes specially formulated for different life stages to those aimed at helping your furry friend maintain a healthy weight, ORIJEN has a recipe available to nourish them as nature intended!



Freeze-Dried Dog Food: Available in Original, Regional Red and Tundra flavours for dogs, ORIJEN Freeze-Dried recipes are Biologically Appropriate to provide your beloved companion with plenty of raw, natural goodness! Recipes feature ranch-raised meat, free-run poultry, wild-caught fish and cage-free eggs and are gently freeze-dried to lock in all the nutritious and delicious flavour. Just simply add water and let your pet enjoy all the benefits and tasty flavours! 

Freeze-Dried Treats: With recipes available for cats and dogs, drool-worthy ORIJEN Freeze-Dried treats are sure to please your furry friend! Not only will the flavours make your pet happy, but these high-protein treats are made with 100% meats, poultry or fish with natural preservatives and are gently freeze-dried to provide a nutritious snack. Available in Original, Six Fish, Regional Red, Tundra, Ranch-Raised Beef, Grass-Fed Lamb, Free-Run Duck, Wild Boar and Kentucky Bison flavours for dogs and Original, Six Fish, Regional Red, Tundra, Grass-Fed Lamb and Wild-Roaming Boar flavours for cats, they’ll make your fur baby love you even more!

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