A proudly Canadian company that believes our furry friends deserve the best, Hero offers safe and affordable treat options made from human grade animals for your very own four-legged hero.  

Committed to giving back to their community, Hero supports the Canadian Service Dog Foundation and also employs military veterans. They are also partnered with AUDEAMUS, a registered charity that provides certified, specially trained service dogs and support to those suffering from physical or mental disabilities. 

100% natural, Hero has a wide range of products available that are made with a single ingredient. 

Dog Treats: If you’re looking to spoil your four-legged family member with a treat that will not only keep them happy but healthy as well, Hero has got you covered! With a wide range of all-natural dog treats available that are made without chemicals or preservatives, there’s no shortage of drool-worthy options to keep your dog satisfied:

Bully Sticks: A favourite among many pups, Hero Bully Sticks are 100% natural and offer a great source of protein for dogs of all sizes. Sure to keep your dog’s tail wagging, these long-lasting chew treats are washed inside and out before drying and are low in odour. Also available in a braided variety, Hero Bully Sticks are low in fat, easily digestible and free of chemicals and preservatives!   

Beef Gullets: A single-ingredient chew sourced from high-quality beef, Hero Braided Beef Gullets feature three chew sticks braided together to provide your fur baby with long-lasting entertainment! Supporting joint health, these beef gullet sticks are also available in a stuffed variety to keep your dog busy chewing away! 

Beef Femur Bones: Baked with pieces of meat and tendon still attached, Hero Beef Femur Bones are full of nutritious marrow to keep your dog happy while providing them with a highly digestible source of calcium to help maintain strong bones and teeth. In addition to providing your beloved companion with a delicious treat, these bones are rich in iron and zinc to help your dog’s body fight off infection, maintain a healthy immune system and provide energy to support brain function.

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