Spring is Back!

With welcoming Spring we welcome with it so many positives such as warmer weather, longer days, and the melting of snow. But getting back into the warm weather routine can sometimes be difficult for pets, that is why we have put together this list of products and training tips to help you and your pet have the best Spring!

Flea & Tick

With the arrival of the spring and summer seasons comes the increased time outside to bond with our furry friends. However, more time spent outside means increased chances of flea and tick bites. It’s important to be protective when it comes to fleas and ticks and that starts with protection. Advantage and Advantix treatments are specially formulated to prevent and kill fleas and ticks from jumping on your pet.

Leashes & Harnesses

Due to the cold weather many people are not able to walk their pet as frequently as they would like. As a result many dogs fall back into bad walking habits, like pulling. Dogs pull on a leash for many different reasons, one of them being because they are so excited to be out on a walk. If you continue walking behind your dog as they are pulling this indicates to them that pulling works and it is how they move forward. There are a couple of different tools you can use to help correct this behaviour. The first is a harness. A harness is more comfortable than a collar, especially because it does not put pressure on a dog's throat. When your dog pulls forward, stop walking and wait until they sit or the leash relaxes. This will teach your dog the only way to move forward is if they walk with you.

If your dog is an aggressive puller to the point where you feel as though you are going on a drag and not a walk, a harness and a head halter in combination will fix this issue. A head halter is a strap that goes over the muzzle and clips to the back of the head, and is similar to the head harnesses that horses wear to be led. The combination of the two gives you control of both the head and body allowing you to teach your dog to walk beside you. Head halters can sometimes feel forgien to your dog and they may try to remove it by pawing at their face or rubbing their head on the ground. It is important to then desensitize your dog by putting it on then taking off periodically throughout the day while rewarding them with treats.


Strollers may seem like an exteragent gift for your small dog, but they have particle uses, especially for senior dogs. Senior dogs often find themselves not being able to keep up with you the way they used to and can no longer go for long walks. Strollers allow seniors dogs to still go out and enjoy spring time alongside you. Strollers are also great for small dogs who have to take four steps for every one you take, and dogs that have breathing problems or any physical limitations.

Muddy Paws

While spring weather is great, muddy paw prints being tracked throughout your house is not. Dirty Paws matts absorb seven times their weight in dirt and water saving your floors for years to come. That, used in combination with grooming wipes, like Earth Rated’s compostable wipes, ensures you do not have to bathe your pet after every trip outside.

If your pet does not like their paws being touched, do not force them to give you their paw. Instead teach them that giving you their paw results in a treat! Start by first touching their paw only for a second then give them a treat. As your dog gets more comfortable, you can start increasing the length of time you hold their paw. Once you can hold their paw for a long period, start introducing the grooming wipes. It is not uncommon for pets to then remove their paw from your hand when they are being touched by a wipe. Continue the positive reinforcement of giving them treats and praise and your pet will get comfortable in no time.  

Pooper Scoopers

When the snow melts your backyard will need some love and care to make it spring ready! Pooper Scoopers like Coastal’s Advance Pan & Rake make cleaning your backyard a breeze as it eliminates the need to bend over and pick up your dog’s waste.

Grooming Tools & Products

Some pets are mud magnets which means grooming wipes will not be enough. Ren’s carries various shampoos and conditioners for pets with sensitive skin to those that have just been sprayed by a skunk.

If your dog doesn't like baths, there are a few tricks you can do to make it easier for yourself and them. First is desentizing them to the area. Bring them into the bathroom while the water is running so they first can get used to the sound. If they are comfortable with that, take a wet towel or washcloth and rub it on them while they sit beside the tub. Be sure to praise them and give them treats to reinforce the good behaviour. Once they appear comfortable you can try placing them in the bath. Most dogs do not like the bathtubs because they are limited in their movement. Distracting them with treats, waterproof toys, or peanut butter in a kong, will distract them and make bathtime a lot easier.

Apparel, Toys, & Treats

What better way to welcome spring than with a new jacket, toys, and treats!

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